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Liquor Hound Puro Verde Tequila Review

Tasted July 2013 - Here I sit down to review the entire line of Puro Verde organic tequilas. We start with their Silver and make our way through the Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo and end with their latest offering, Puro One-Ten (a 110 proof Blanco).



Puro Verde Organic Silver



Puro Verde Organic SilverRyan Kelly of Tequila Aficionado

“Puro Verde Silver is as clear as mountain spring water, boasting a subtle floral bouquet with a hint of lemongrass and a very light mango scent.  The nose doesn’t over power, but enhances the very crisp, earthy agave flavor you get upon entry, which is backed by bold, clean notes of citrus. On the second sip you’re treated to additional notes of floral tropical fruits – a nice complement to both the bouquet and the initial flavor.”

By Tequila.net: Editor Review

Tasted March 2011 - Riedel Tequila Glass
Excellent, Highly Recommended:
Appearance: clear - medium tears
Aroma: black pepper, spiced agave, and light smoke
Initial Taste: floral agave
Spirit Body: agave, butter, and black pepper
Finish / Aftertaste: sweet vegetal finish, floral mint aftertaste



Puro Verde Organic Reposado



Puro Verde Organic ReposadoBy The Fifty Best; Reposado Tequila Tasting

Double Gold Medal Winner 2011
Beautiful light floral nose, tea, almond, butterscotch, caramel, creamy layers, lemon, anise, licorice, green olives, sandalwood, eucalyptus, hint of banana, agave, pepper, buttery, spicy, floral, sweet, salty, soft, woody, intense, complex, flavorful, smooth, long finish.

By Tequila.net: Editor Review

Tasted March 2011 - Riedel Tequila Glass

Excellent, Highly Recommended
Appearance: light straw - slow tears
Aroma: subtle agave, soy and blackberry
Initial Taste: sweet earthy agave
Spirit Body: sweet agave, black pepper
Finish / Aftertaste: floral finish, sweet blackberry aftertaste